We are dedicated to assist our clients by collaboratively crafting the products and solutions they truly desire.

We provide long-term collaboration and expertise to unlock new possibilities and achieve lasting success.
We are your long-term tech partner for digital transformation

Our Vision

To create a pioneering impact for a billion lives through our clients by creating digital experiences.

Our Story

Tericsoft's Story
Tericsoft founded in 2018 with a strong passion to develop impactful products. With over a decade experience in entrepreneurship and technology development co-founded by Abdul Rahman Janoo and Anand Reddy KS.
"As trusted technology partners, Tericsoft has been spearheading digital transformation for over six years, with a strong focus on product strategy, design, and engineering. We adopt a long-term partnership approach, collaborating closely with our clients to ensure their ongoing success."
By fostering innovation, developing robust systems, and demonstrating industry leadership, our goal is to make a meaningful and enduring impact on society.
Tericsoft's Story

Our focus is on achieving steady growth year on year


growth in revenue, year on year
Our progression

...and do our best to share profits in a sustainable manner


divided between all employees


for development of employee knowledge and skills


CSR activities that support education and equality activities


for shareholders
The Core Values We Share

Our Beliefs & Values

Effective Communication

At Tericsoft, we foster a culture of open communication and collaboration. This translates to a remarkable 90% client retention rate, a testament to our dedication to your success.
Our team acts as your trusted partner, providing valuable insights and expertise throughout the development.
Effective communication

Problem Solving

Our team thrives on innovation, leveraging cutting-edge technology and industry expertise to craft creative solutions that turn your challenges into springboards for success.
We believe that every challenge presents an opportunity for innovation.
Problem Solving

Integrity and Trust

Building trust is paramount. We foster open communication, keeping you informed throughout the development process. We're not just a technology partner; we're invested in your success.
We bring transparency, accountability, and dedication to every project, tailoring solutions to your unique needs.
Integrity and trust

Empowering Leaders

At Tericsoft, we believe our team is our greatest asset. That's why we invest in fostering a culture that empowers our leaders to not only excel in their technical expertise but also to become strong mentors.
Our leadership team brings a wealth of experience and industry knowledge to the table.
Empowering leaders

Curious to Innovate

We believe that true innovation thrives at the intersection of curiosity and expertise. That's why we invest in attracting and retaining top talent – individuals who possess exceptional technical skills.
This blend of knowledge and curiosity allows us to tackle complex challenges from fresh perspectives.
Curious to innovate

Optimizing Client Success

Tericsoft boasts a 90% client retention rate, showcasing their ability to deliver successful projects and guide clients throughout the development process.
Clients praise Tericsoft for their dedication, valuable insights, and expertise in areas like AI and microservices architecture.
Optimizing client success

Our Collaborative Synergy

International interns

Bridging Cultural Diversity

We welcome international talents, enriching perspectives and fostering inclusivity. Their unique insights enhance creativity, innovation, and global understanding in our dynamic work environment.
We nurture an inclusive work culture through monthly fun team events.

Tericsoft's Monthly Bash

We nurture an inclusive work culture through monthly fun team events, celebrating festivals with lively games, teamwork activities, delicious food, and camaraderie, fostering lasting connections among team members.
Tericsoft's fun break corner

Fun Break Corner

At Tericsoft, we aim to make our office lively! With games like Jenga, chess, and table tennis, we promote relaxation and team bonding. It's more than breaks; it's about fostering camaraderie and creativity.
We prioritize employee growth through online courses, workshops and reading.

Career Growth Activities

We prioritize employee growth through online courses, workshops and reading. By investing in our team's development, we keep them competitive and motivated, equipped with the latest skills to excel.
Tericsoft empowers employees through upskilling workshops

Skill Boost

This initiative by Tericsoft empowers employees through upskilling workshops. It fosters professional growth, enhances expertise, and cultivates a culture of continuous learning and excellence across the organisation.
Tericsoft's ECHO initiative highlights teamwork, applauds contributions, and showcases collaboration and individual excellence.

Rewards & Recognition

Tericsoft's ECHO initiative highlights teamwork, applauds contributions, and showcases collaboration and individual excellence. It fosters recognition, fuels innovation, and drives teams to excel.

Pioneering Technological Innovations

We cultivate an environment conducive to innovation, fostering growth and enabling the delivery of superior technology solutions.

AI Lab

We have dedicated AI lab for our talented team, which serves as an innovation hub, focusing on researching, developing, and prototyping AI-driven solutions. Collaborating with our clientele and industry experts we ensure the solutions are at the forefront of technology.

Code with CTO

Code Sessions with our CTO for our teams to elevate skills and expertise. The internal up-skilling sessions is designed to empower team members at all levels to deepen their understanding of coding practices, industry trends, and innovative technologies.

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