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Assessing the maturity of your company’s AI transformation
Identification of areas where leveraging AI can create value
Formulating and implementing AI strategy to launch your MVP
Incremental development and scaling of your AI product
Executive Briefing
4-6 Hours
Technology Assessment
1-2 Weeks
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AI Application Development in Production
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Build and Deploy Custom AI Applications

Conversational AI
AI chatbots
Text analytics
Speech-to-text agents
Computer Vision
Emotion detection
Image recognition
Video analysis (Live/Recorded)
Document Understanding
Document data extraction
LLM based querying
Document Summarization
Machine Learning
Data Collation & Processing
Custom built ML Models

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Turning Visions To Reality

Delve into our case studies to witness how we've successfully built AI solutions for our clientele, delivering top-notch service.
3+ Years
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Generative Al Use Cases Across Industries

EV Industry
Demand Forecasting
GenAI analyzes data to predict electric cab demand, optimizing operations.
Charging Station Optimization
Optimisation charging stations for EV cabs, ensuring constant readiness.
Predictive Maintenance
Predicts EV cab maintenance needs, reducing downtime and optimising fleet.
Healthcare & Pharma
Patient Data Analysis
Automated patient data reports provide concise medical findings summaries.
Patient Engagement Chatbots
AI chatbots engage patients, address questions, provide treatment info and support.
Clinical Decision Support
AI assists providers with patient diagnosis recommendations and treatment plans.
Route Optimization
Utilizes GenAI to optimize delivery routes, reducing costs & enhancing logistics efficiency.
Demand Forecasting
Optimize demand forecasting with generative models, minimize stockouts.
Warehouse Automation
Automate warehouse with generative AI for efficient inventory, boost efficiency and track orders.
Production Process Optimization
Optimize manufacturing with generative AI, boosting efficiency, cutting costs.
Energy Consumption Optimization
Optimize energy in manufacturing with generative models, reduce impact.
Automated Quality Control Documentation
Use generative AI for detailed QC documentation, ensuring accuracy and compliance.
Retail & E-commerce
Personalized Product Recommendations
Use generative models for personalized product recommendations, improving shopping.
Automated Customer Support
GenAI chatbots handle inquiries, provide info & assist purchases for better customer service.
Inventory Management Forecasting
AI personalizes in-car experience by learning driver preferences for seat position & climate control.

Developing AI Workflows for Custom Contextual Automation

LLM Project Executed

We have conducted experiments and tests on over 35+ LLMs and integrated them into multiple customer products.

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"Their dedicated team not only delivered on their scope of work but also provided invaluable insights that drove product capabilities beyond expectations."


"Tericsoft has been our tech partner right from the start - from helping us establish our initial tech stack to sorting out kinks in the system, to making it scale-proof for the future of a fast-growing startup like ours!"

Roshan Miranda

"Tericsoft's Al innovation, thought leadership and microservices architecture expertise have been instrumental in our startup's growth. They guided us from the start, ensuring a scalable and advanced tech stack."

Ozman Mohiuddin


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