Enhancing At-Home Diagnostics: Mobile Innovation & Accuracy

MyHealthTest, a specialist in delivering health testing services to patients, sought a way to streamline operations and improve customer experience via an E-Commerce platform and a mobile application.


MyHealthTest is a wing of SDI Global, specialized in delivering test-as-a-service, customized for each patient.
Our client aimed to decrease operational costs by reducing healthcare professional involvement in testing and enabling online test kit purchases for patients.
To achieve this, through our technology partnership, we delivered an E-Commerce platform and mobile app, resulting in faster turnaround times and reduced operational costs for our client.

Business Context

Our client partnered with us seeking a technology thought leadership partner to ensure seamless service delivery to their patients. They aimed to enable patients to purchase testing kits from the comfort of their homes and to reduce the involvement of healthcare professionals in the sample collection process.
In order to accommodate these requests, we developed a customized online D2P E-Commerce platform through which the patients can order test-kits offered by the client at home and a patient facing mobile and web application. This application not only assists patients with sample collection and kit usage but also integrates seamlessly with the other solutions we have developed for our client.

Partnership Goals

To optimize the at-home test kit purchase and sample collection process for our client’s patients by:
• Designing and developing a D2P mobile and web application aimed at enhancing precision, mitigating user error, and reducing the cost of healthcare professional service fee in sample collection.
• Crafting an online D2P E-Commerce platform for test kit orders, prioritizing high-probability positive samples for expedited testing and smart report generation.

Core Competencies

• Product Design and Development
• E-Commerce platform integration for patients
• Digital Lab Assistance through mobile and web app for patients to perform seamless sample collection

Value Addition for Client

We offered tech partnership for our client through our CTO as a service business model. We strategically built the application using microservices architecture to ensure long-term scalability and flexibility for our client. Additionally, we provided active fractional CTO support in our client’s Investors and Partners meetings. We were in constant communication with our client to understand their evolving requirements to adapt and deliver the products accordingly.
United States of America
2020 - Ongoing
Faster turnaround time compared to traditional testing process
End Patients capable of self-administering tests
Cost Reduction in the testing process
Accuracy for AI monitoring of the chain of custody workflow

Total impressions made by us

Faster Decision Making
Fewer Appointment Cancelations
Reduction in Denied Pre-Authorizations
Cost Savings
Faster Decision Making
Fewer Appointment Cancelations
Reduction in Denied Pre-Authorizations
Cost Savings

Core Tech Transformation: Streamlining fleet operations through Data Engineering and Renewed System Architecture

Developed Solutions

We developed a D2C E-Commerce platform along with a mobile and web application which facilitates patients to register, order tests and also provides comprehensive guidance on kit usage and sample collection procedures.
Online E-Commerce Platform
Our platform facilitates patients to purchase test kits and submit samples for at-home health testing to our client’s laboratory. Patients will be required to enter their patient registration details for profile creation after which they can purchase the test kits available on the platform.
End-user Facing Mobile and Web App
The mobile application is user-friendly for at-home health testing which includes a feature for family profile management. The test kit includes a download link for the mobile app and a link for the web app. The application guides the users regarding the kit usage and sample collection procedure, has a health intake form with government authorized questions and generates a detailed smart report post-test, comparing biological indicators to normal ranges and offers customized health recommendations based on the results.
10+ Test Panels
We were able to rapidly cater to our client’s need for a mobile application during the COVID-19 pandemic and through our prolonged tech partnership, we not only delivered on this specific mobile application but also expanded our scope to create a comprehensive D2C online platform and a web app for 10+ Panels. This platform not only encompasses the client's current array of testing services but is also designed to seamlessly accommodate future offerings. Our commitment to scalability ensured that we met and exceeded the client's evolving requirements.

Our Partnership Goal

Optimise the pre-authorisation process utilising the Al based GPT to add efficiency to the information being shared and improve overall approval for higher number of requests.
Our client's previous technological infrastructure did not support at-home purchase of test kits by patients. Additionally, the testing process relied on costly healthcare professionals for sample collection, resulting in increased costs and reduced operational efficiency.
Now, our client's patients have the convenience of purchasing kits from home as well as reducing the need for healthcare professionals to collect samples. This streamlines turnaround time and reduces operational costs.

Overall Impact Created

Facilitated client expansion by offering quicker, efficient pre-authorization services, broadening facilitator base and capabilities.
Maximizing revenue through upselling test-kits, minimizing costs through remote purchases and accelerated smart report delivery.
100% of the required steps were successfully completed by 95% of patients with minimal supervision from healthcare professionals.
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