EV Fleet - Operations Optimisation via Data Engineering & Renewed Architecture

Our client, a pioneering EV cab/fleet company in India with 3k+ fleet in operations, sought to overcome technological scalability hurdles via optimised data utilisation and renewed core software architecture to achieve enhanced intelligence and operational efficiency.
EV Fleet - Operations Optimisation via Data Engineering & Renewed Architecture


Our client is dedicated to revolutionise the transportation landscape by providing efficient and environmentally sustainable transportation solutions.
Despite having significant amount of crucial data, they lacked a system to harness it effectively in order to streamline their operations. Facing challenges, including scalability issues, inefficient data management within their existing infrastructure, they identified the pressing need for technological advancement.
By partnering with us, utilizing our CTO-as-a-service offering and data engineering expertise, they sought to kickstart a comprehensive  transformation journey. Throughout the journey, we have restructured the existing ecosystem with a scalable architecture, optimised data utilisation and improved operational efficiency across their fleet operations. Through the deployment of big data tools and advanced analytics, we enabled them to unlock valuable data insights, driving informed decision-making and enhancing overall performance.
Transportation & Mobility
2023 - Ongoing
EV Fleet Real-Time Telematics Solution
Accelerated Data-Driven Decision-Making
Fleet Asset Productivity Boost
1 Billion
API Calls Processed Monthly

Total impressions made by us

Faster Decision Making
Fewer Appointment Cancelations
Reduction in Denied Pre-Authorizations
Cost Savings
Faster Decision Making
Fewer Appointment Cancelations
Reduction in Denied Pre-Authorizations
Cost Savings

Core Tech Transformation: Streamlining fleet operations through Data Engineering and Renewed System Architecture

Developed Solutions

We developed an ecosystem that effectively utilizes data from various sources to enhance intelligence and operational efficiency.
Comprehensive Vehicle Analytics Dashboard
Intuitive graphical timeline view consolidating critical fleet data - charging cycles, geolocation tracking, battery status, and intelligent alerts. Empowers seamless auditing, proactive monitoring, and data-driven optimization of vehicle operations.
Advanced Vehicle Alert Monitoring
Interactive visualization platform monitoring critical vehicle-generated alerts, such as overspeeding, unauthorized OBD device disconnections, and boost mode utilization patterns.
Enterprise Fleet Management Portal
Centralized portal providing real-time vehicle tracking, telematics data, and operational insights for corporate clients. Enables data-driven decision-making, performance optimization, and seamless enterprise integration. Secure, scalable solution with industry-leading support.

Our Partnership Goal

Optimise the pre-authorisation process utilising the Al based GPT to add efficiency to the information being shared and improve overall approval for higher number of requests.
Outdated technology infrastructure and inefficient data management systems leading to improper insights and collation challenges.
Transitioning from monolithic to microservices architecture, we optimized database utilization, consolidating data points to glean valuable insights into fleet utilization and productivity.

Overall Impact Created

Facilitated client expansion by offering quicker, efficient pre-authorization services, broadening facilitator base and capabilities.
Streamlined fleet management processes, leading to smoother operations and more efficient workflows.
Improved overall customer experience by delivering reliable services through enhanced tracking, monitoring and analysis capabilities.
Operations Optimization via Data Engineering & Revised Architecture

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