LIMS Upgradation with Micro-services Architecture

Discover how SDI Labs revolutionised their internal laboratory operations with digital upgradation. With their expertise in affordable health testing solutions, we aimed to boost efficiency by developing robust LIMS (Lab info management system, with a capacity to handle upto 2 million patient diagnostic samples ensuring timely and reliable results.


SDI Labs faced a critical challenge with their legacy system's performance, particularly during peak hours, impacting the efficiency of their internal laboratory operations. This limitation posed significant hurdles for lab administrators, especially when managing substantial batches of patient diagnostic samples.
In response, we engineered a tailored solution: a sophisticated Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) seamlessly integrated with a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform. This dynamic integration empowered lab administrators to process a higher volume of patient samples while maintaining an
accelerated turnaround time.
Our solution not only resolved their immediate operational challenges but also spearheaded a transformative digital upgrade across SDI Labs' internal processes. This success underscores our commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions that drive operational excellence and innovation.

Value Addition for Client

We worked with SDI labs as a technology thought leadership partner through our CTO-as-a-service offering to lead the digital upgradation and implementation. The LIMS is built over Micro-services architecture which
simply enabled scalability and significant reduction in the maintenance cost.
LIMS was customised for existing users, to adapt to the new system while also ensuring compatibility with the historical data based on the legacy solution to promote smooth migration.
United States of America
2020 - Ongoing
Faster than its legacy solution
2 Million
Orders Tested for peak loads
Economical to Maintain
300 Hrs
Yearly Developers Time Saved with New Architecture

Total impressions made by us

Faster Decision Making
Fewer Appointment Cancelations
Reduction in Denied Pre-Authorizations
Cost Savings
Faster Decision Making
Fewer Appointment Cancelations
Reduction in Denied Pre-Authorizations
Cost Savings

Core Tech Transformation: Streamlining fleet operations through Data Engineering and Renewed System Architecture

Developed Solutions

We built a scalable admin portal integrated with customized LIMS to streamline our client’s internal operations including efficient sample and inventory management.
Client-Facing Admin Portal
The LIMS was built using scalable microservices architecture and was customized to meet our client’s requirements. Our commitment to scalability ensured that we met and exceeded the client's evolving requirements.
Testing for Scalability (Stress Testing)
Stress testing on the portal was done to ensure faster response times. Around 2 million seeded accounts were created for testing, and it was found that our solution was 70% faster than our client’s traditional solution.

Our Partnership Goal

Optimise the pre-authorisation process utilising the Al based GPT to add efficiency to the information being shared and improve overall approval for higher number of requests.
Legacy solution built with unscalable architecture leading to slower response time under peak hours and higher maintenance costs.
LIMS built with scalable microservices architecture contributed to faster response time under peak hours and significantly lowered maintenance costs. even when sample submissions to the lab are high

Overall Impact Created

Facilitated client expansion by offering quicker, efficient pre-authorization services, broadening facilitator base and capabilities.
Enabled ease of use and reduced the response time for lab administrators and was more economical to maintain.
Digital upgradation of internal processes for our client’s lab administrators to enable automation of processes.
Leading Digital Transformation: Scalable Architecture to End-User Applications

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